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Every Couple Has a Story

What is yours?   How did it begin?   

Where are you on your together journey?   Are you living your BEST life now?   

What's working...what's NOT?    What will be your legacy?

No matter how many years you've been on your together journey, your own marriage adventure plays a significant role in the way you connect, communicate, commit, and celebrate your stories of adventure and disappointment; failures and triumphs; challenges and successes; forgiveness and grace. 

At the Marriage Adventure Workshop, you will discover so much about yourself, your spouse, and your relationship! By working together through purposeful activities and lessons,  the two of you are invited to step into your marriage story and to see yourselves as part of a much bigger story... God's story of redemption, hope, and purpose!


We invite you to come along on this worthy adventure...

The Marriage Adventure!

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