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Every Couple has a Story!

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What is your story?   How did it begin?   How is it impacting others?   

Where are you on your together journey?   Are you living your BEST life now?     

What's working...what's NOT?    What will be your legacy?


"No matter how strong you think your marriage might be, there are always ways to grow closer and stronger together. The Marriage Adventure was an amazing opportunity to focus completely on our marriage and the ways we can become the spouse God has called us to be. Tom and Jo Ellen have a battle-tested marriage that has endured many highs and lows, and they bring an incredible vulnerability and credibility to every lesson and exercise they teach. Together we laughed, cried, danced, and opened our hearts. We are better for being a part of this ADVENTURE and are excited for the journey ahead."

Chris & Vanessa- Marriage Adventure Workshop Participants

Come-discover what God has in store for you- your adventure awaits!

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